The Dynamics of Cultural Borders
Approaches to Culture Theory 6
Toimetajad: Anu Kannike & Monika Tasa
Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus, 2016
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  • Sisukord
  • 1. Anu Kannike & Kadri Tüür
    Introduction. Border-related practices from interdisciplinary perspectives, 13-21

    Wandering borders

    2. Franz Krause
    Rivers, borders, and the flows of the landscape, 24-45

    3. Eva Toulouze & Liivo Niglas
    Fixity and movement in Western Siberia: when oil worker, native and reindeer paths cross, 46-84

    4. Riin Magnus & Kadri Tüür
    The meaning of movement: wayfaring to the islets surrounding Muhu island (Estonia) during the twentieth century, 85-105

    5. Uwe Sperling
    Visitors to the other side: some reflections on the Baltic Sea as a frontier and contact zone in late prehistory, 106-132

    6. Irina Paert
    Visions and dreams in Russian Orthodox culture as border crossing, 133-142

    Bordering ruptures: the dynamics of self-description

    7. Merja Ellefson
    The Hero’s Mother: Lotta Svärd and mediated memories,147-168

    8. Irena Šutinienė
    Negotiating borders: conflicting memories of World War II participants in Lithuania, 169-188

    9. Tiiu Jaago
    The Stalinist prison camp in Estonian life stories: depicting the past through continuity and discontinuity, 189-204

    10. Tuulikki Kurki
    Personal trauma versus Cold War rhetoric in the Finnish–Russian borderland, 205-230

    11. Tuija Saarinen
    Magazine texts portraying contacts between Finns and Soviets in the 1970s and 1980s, 231-253